Tactics Guide

In the tactical setting, managers can set different tactics. The tactical styles commonly used include short pass penetration, long pass rushing, bottom pass, defensive counterattack, etc. All of them can be implemented in the game by adjusting team tactics and position tactics.

Short pass penetration:

use passing to control the game. This tactic is recommended to select short pass in the passing style, and adjust the attacking preference to the middle. 4–2–3–1, 4–1–4–1 formations with more midfielders will make it easier for managers who prefer short pass penetration.

Long-ball game:

use the long pass method to accurately pass the ball to the target area or your own players. This tactic is recommended to choose long pass in the passing style. This tactic is suitable for 4–4–2 or other balanced formations which are good at utilizing space such as 4–4–1–1.


a tactic in which the ball is pushed to the opponent’s bottom line by individual breakthroughs or the overall cooperation between players and then passed to the opponent’s goal. The common formations are 4–3–3 Wingers and 3–4–3. This tactic is simple and crude, which is suitable for beginners.


counterattacking while solidly defending. This tactic usually requires the team to hoard players in the backcourt. If you want to use this tactic, the recommended formations are 5–3–2 and 4–4–2 Defensive. The difference between the two is that the former focuses on the middle, the latter focuses on the wings.

Team Rating is based on the entire team. Sometimes a team with a high team rating may not win the game, and there will be mutual restraint between different formations. Appropriate formations are matched with appropriate tactics and players’ skills. Various factors will challenge each manager’s strategy.

Regarding the priority of training positions, it is recommended that managers focus on developing offensive line players in the early stage, such as forwards or midfielders. If you want to win the game, the first thing you need to consider is to score goals, so that you can win the game.

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