Energy & Stamina

Participating in various matches consumes a certain amount of energy for the manager and certain amount of stamina for each player. The energy of managers and the stamina of players are very crucial. It determines how many matches you can continue to play.

If the energy does not meet the requirement, the manager cannot continue participating in the game. You can click the yellow "+" sign on the "Game" page to buy energy, or wait for the energy to recover automatically by the rate of 80 energies every day linearly.

Participating in various games also consumes a certain amount of Stamina for the players. If stamina does not meet the requirement, the player cannot continue to play. You can click on the avatar of the card on the "Game" page, purchase physical strength for the player through the yellow "+" sign in the physical strength position, or wait for the physical strength to recover automatically. A player card's stamina recovers by 120 at 00:00 UTC each day automatically no matter it's in the pitch or not. Stamina value doesn't impact game result and rewards in general, with the exception that if there's a player with <50 stamina value, no matter if you win a home game or win an away game, the winning score will be reduced by 30% for each such player.

Basic Stamina consumption:

For at home game: 50 stamina for each player.

For an away game: 40 for each player if you win, 20 if it's a draw, and no stamina cost if you lose.

Actually consumption is based on basic consumption and player's Physical value, check: About Players

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