Player Skills

Each player above C rarity has a talent skill, which represents the technical characteristics of the player, and takes effect at level 1. Players can awaken this skill at level 60 (we'll talk about skill awakening later). Each player can unlock up to three more skills as the level upgrades. The skills can directly affect players' basic attributes and give players different skill effects in the game.

When the player card's level reaches 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you can use the "Ascend" function to consume corresponding $TMTs to ascend to next stage. At level 10, 30 and 50, you can unlock one skill of your player each. The first and third skills are proactive skills that needs to be triggered at certain scenario; the second skill is passive skill. At stage 20, 40 and 60, you can unlock an equipment slot each. You can view the skills for each player on the player details page.

Never underestimate the application of skills in TopManager’s Battle. If Managers match the players with the suitable skills and the formation according to the skills of the players they have, the odds of winning the game can even increase by 90%, which is a process that requires a lot of strategy. Equipping the players with the right skills is the key point that Managers need to consider to improve their ranking and win the battle.

Players should have their own strategies rationally. For example, according to the positions of forwards, midfielders, goalkeepers, and defenders, focus on cultivating players in a certain position and equip them with skills. Football is a sport that requires attention to cooperation, remember to equip the main players with a strong partner.

With the acquisition of game experience, the skills will also ascend the awakening effect, further strengthen and upgrade, and have a greater impact on the game. Let’s briefly introduce the player skills, common collocations and defensive restraint relationships in the current game.

Skills are divided into Two categories: offensive skills and defensive skills.

Offensive skills can be further divided into shooting skills, dribbling skills, passing skills and special skills.

Defensive Restraint relationship

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