Build Your Squad

You participate in TopManager as a football Manager, obtain All Star player cards by staking Return of Legends cards, transferring and trading cards, and player incubation (Training System), etc., and form the strongest lineup to compete in the ladder PVP (TOP LEAGUE) and PVE (TOP TOURNAMENT) competitions. You will compete for the title of the strongest manager, and experience the art and experience of real-world managers.

Basic Requirement

To enter PVP and other games, the player lineup needs to include at least three All Star player cards (no special requirement for card quality), and the rest of the positions can be supplemented by the system (Yet you can only get rewards proportional to the cards your own).

Edit Line-Up

You can adjust the player positions through "Edit Line-Up" on the "Game" page. After clicking on the avatar of the corresponding position, you will see all the player cards you have for that position, and learn about the skills of each player, and his physical state. Choose the players who are most suitable for the battle and build your strongest team!

Substitute Players

You can add up to 7 substitute players into the lineup. Substitute players don't affect match results, they'll gain 80% experience and spend 50% stamina of main players when playing at-home games. They don't consume stamina when playing away games.

Change Formation

If you are not satisfied with the default formation and want to try a new tactical play, or if you are a big believer in the 3 centre-back formation, you can also change the formation on the "Edit Line-Up" page. Among ~30 mainstream formations supported in S0, choose the one that is most suitable for your players. You can quickly select your favorite formation by filtering your number of forwards and defenders. Often the biggest challenge for managers is to put the best players in the right positions.

Tactical Setting

After deciding formation, line-up and players, you can also adjust tactical settings to maximize the tactics and player characteristics. In tactical settings, you can decide passing style, attacking tendency, main attacking direction and specific characteristics of the players at each position. Responsibility and details determine success; observing the opponent's weaknesses and making targeted deployments can get you one step closer to victory.

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