ALL STAR Game Card

DISCLAIMER: ALL STAR series, as a game card specifically developed for OpenBeta, cannot be transferred from official website wallet due to copyright restrictions. We use NFT technology to trace these cards but all transactions will be in TopGoal marketplace and within TopGoal ecosystem.

Different from the collection value and equity certificates of the Return of Legends NFT card, the application scenarios of the ALL STAR Game card are mainly in the TopManager game. Through in-depth cooperation with the Strategic partner, the ALL STAR product line is based on 3000+ active top players, including the current big football players. How many stars will be added and how the game will be reformed are waiting for you to explore!

With the launch of TopManager OpenBeta, the name of the ALL STAR product line has been confirmed as ALL STAR 2022 Genesis Packs. Users who hold Return of Legends NFT cards can participate in the game by receiving ALL STAR cards through pledge activities.

In TopManager OpenBeta, users need to 3 ALL STAR cards of different players & different positions to play the game and participate in ranked competitions, so users can earn points, as well as $TMT, $GOAL, or NFT game card rewards. We believe that the new version of the game and new card product line will definitely make TopManagers shine, thus users can deeply feel the charm of TopGoal Metaverse.

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