Skill Combinations

Properly combined skills will introduce much higher winning rates. Let's go through them:

Offensive line In the centre of midfield

  1. Passing the ball to launch an attack, usually a midfielder with ball-handling skills organizes an attack through short or long passes.

(Bounce Pass) → Lofted Pass → Volley Shot / Powerful Header

How to counter:

Deploy defense for both passing and shooting. Players with the skills of Denial Defense & Pass Block will effectively prevent the opponent from launching long passes. Sacrifice Block and Genius Reflex are effective for dealing with direct shooting.

  1. Dribbling the ball to launch an attack, generally handled by midfielders/forwards with dribbling skills through individual abilities.

Speed dribble/ Break Through / Dummy Dribble / Power Dribble → Calm Finish / Long Shot

How to counter:

Focus on deploying defense for the dribbling link, and using players with skills such Slide Tackle & Mark Tight can effectively reduce the opponent’s success rate of dribbling.

Wing attack

  1. Passing the ball to launch an attack, generally a midfielder with transfer skills launch an attack, and a wing player with cross or dribbling skills directly sends assists or shoots after passing.

Long Square → Pinpoint Cross → Volley Shot / Power Header

How to counter:

Every additional pass will lead to an additional possibility of failure. Long pass, cross and shot all three links can be used for defense. Players with Denial Defense can effectively prevent the opponent from organizing long passes. Aerial Defense can effectively prevent the opponent from crossing a header. Genius Reflex can deal with directly shooting effectively.

  1. Attacking with the ball is generally carried out by a player with dribbling skills to the front side of the court, and then sends an assist or a pass and then shoots.

Speed dribble / Break Through → Cut Inside → Volley Shot / Power Header

How to counter:

The three links of dribbling, passing and shooting can all be targeted for defense. Players with Mark Tight and Slide Tackle can effectively prevent opponents from passing. Aerial Defense effectively prevents opponents from crossing a header. Flawless Defense is an effective means of dealing with ground ball shots.

The above is the introduction of all player skills. It should be noted that all recommended combinations are not fixed, and players need to match according to the actual situation, preferences and needs.

If you have few player cards, you need to develop partners for the players you already have. If you already have a lot of players, you can choose according to the rarity of the cards and the level of the players. Or if you have players that are suitable for a multi-back formation, you need to focus on developing the skills of the defenders.

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