Virtual Leagues and Tournaments

Tools: Football AI; Comprehensive football motion library; Game system design capability

Sports are sometimes cruel because there is only one winner. Many of the fans are not able to see their team winning a cup for even decades. The ultimate goal of MetaFi is to create a parallel world. We hope that one day there will be a virtual world cup or some virtual leagues, to give some people more chances to win a title.

The mechanism has to be fair and everything should be traceable (the “birth” of a virtual talent player and his growth path: transfer, club performance, and national team performance), which blockchain can do it all.

The fans can hire virtual scouts to discover talents, and train them to be virtual football legends. Time elapses fast in the virtual MetaFi world. There will be a virtual world cup every four months. People don’t have to wait for a lifetime to see their supported team becoming champions, they can make some difference right away.

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