TopGoal the Football Metaverse

What is TopGoal

TopGoal is a leading sports metaverse, a GameFi and SocialFi platform, dedicated to bridging sports to Web3, providing a new digital experience and virtual space for sports stars, clubs, institutions, and fans while endowing more games, sports, and entertainment elements. You can entertain, create, and socialize with each other in TopGoal metaverse, as well as share profit/benefits of the TopGoal ecosystem.

TopGoal team is a group of talents with strong gaming and crypto experiences. We have strong connections with football IP resources and more than 10 years of successful 3A football game development experience. We have in-house football simulation algorithms, motion engines, 3D engines, football manager game designing, GameFi life cycle, and economic model experiences. We are driven by the vision that a successful metaverse should be composed of a series of high-quality and sustainable virtual experiences for users to enjoy, an economic model where all assets can be circulated in the ecosystem and fully owned by the users, and above all, a vibrant, evolving and inclusive community.

What is TopManager

TopManager is the core game product of TopGoal Metaverse. A web browser-based football manager game that adopts cutting-edge cloud gaming technology, to provide gamers, football fans, and crypto users with a high-quality 3D gaming experience.

You can participate in the game with TopGoal card assets, build your own fantasy squads, play 11v11 football matches, join leagues and tournaments, and win rewards through play-2-earn and play-2-own-based economic mechanisms.

TopManager OpenBeta is friendly to all users, even those without a lot of football knowledge. The core gameplay is like a simplified Football Manager, with an innovative player training system that allows you to train, level up, improve and train the players you own.

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