Claim Center

Users can claim free non-transferrable trial cards in the claim center. The rules are as follows:

  • Users need to mint and bind TAB token to enable claim center

  • Campaigns in the claim center are categorized in groups. Currently, there're 3 groups: Binance Account Bound (BAB) token, Binance Fan Token and the rest. A TopGoal account can participate in one event in each group.

  • For BAB holders, you can claim 3 free 45 days trial cards, 2 Rare and 1 Common level.

  • For other partnership certificate holders, you can claim 3 free 30 days trial cards, 2 Rare and 1 Common. So for a BAB + Binance Fan Token + another partnership certificate holder, you can claim 6 Rare and 3 Common trial cards in maximal.

  • Your TAB token, BAB token and other partnership certificate don't need to be in the same on-chain wallet, you can switch wallets, but one certificate can only be claimed at one TopGoal account.

  • We design card pool carefully such that you can enjoy skill tactic settings from Day 1, like Kill Pass + Tap in, Pinpoint Cross + Power Header or Lofted Pass + Valley Shot, etc. Study your players' skills and you'll find fun and benefit!

  • For all trial card users, you can earn both $TMT and $GOAL rewards as regular paid card users, but you're not allowed to claim from the frozen pool until you have purchased at least 3 paid cards with rarity >= Rare. So it's a free-to-play, pay-to-claim setup.

  • But if you have claimed BAB trial cards, in Top League Season 1 (S1), you are eligible to participate in the 8.5MM $GOAL season rewards, with or without buying paid cards. It's a benefit to BAB holders.

  • For all trial cards, you may spend $TMT for stamina purchases and ascending as inEnergy & Stamina and About Players, you can choose to convert your trial card properties into paid card at end of season. If you choose not to, we'll refund the stamina and ascending cost to you.

Trial cards after trial period ends

The trial cards don't convert into paid cards, but you can transfer the experience, level and ascending property into an existing paid card, we call it "inheritance". So user can purchase a level 1 card with same rarity in the marketplace and transfer those properties into the paid card.

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