Virtual Matchday Experience

Tools: VR devices; Multi-angle Cameras; Virtual algorithms; NFTs

Due to time and distance, the cost to be in the stadium is high for most of the fans. With VR and AR technology, the fans can:

  • Choose wherever they want to sit to watch the game, great views, and experience (South stand; the Boxes; Sub seats; coach seat or commentator seats)

  • Invite some friends to a VR chat group to give comments, as if they are sitting together; or enter a public channel to listen to the crowd of thousands of people as if they are standing in a square of 10,000 people.

  • Buy some digital souvenirs online instantly (the NFT for an astonishing goal can be generated shortly after scoring)

Statistically, less than 1% of the fans are lucky enough to attend an important match. With the techs above, the rest of the 99% of fans will certainly be much happier.

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