TopGoal Metaverse Token($TMT)

The $TMT token was initially coined as the only utility token of TopGoal Gaming products, i.e., TopManager. However, with the development of TopGoal metaverse, there will be additional use cases for $TMT going forward. For instance, minting POAP NFTs when participating in social events of TopGoal, paying for certain event tickets and passes, etc.

Therefore, we decided to adopt the existing $TMT token to be the only utility token of TopGoal metaverse. The $TMT token belongs to the TopGoal ecosystem and community. It was launched without team/investor/adviser distribution. The TopGoal team has provided a $1 million self-fund in Pancakeswap for the initial liquidity. The $TMT token has been and will also be used as an incentive to TopGoal ecosystem contributors, e.g. NFT holders, Web3 game participants, community promoters, etc. Extending $TMT tokens from TopManager to the whole utility of TopGoal metaverse will not only create additional value for the token itself but also reward the participants together with the growth of TopGoal ecosystem in the development process.

Where to buy $TMT

Buy $TMT token on PancakeSwap and Biswap

Deposit & Withdraw Tokens

This tutorial shows you how to deposit and withdraw stable coins or TMT. You can follow the steps to deposit stable coins or TMT into your TopGoal wallet and to withdraw stable coins or TMT from your TopGoal wallet to your own wallet. Detailed guide:

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